NewSchool Students Built Temporary Structure in Lake Cuyamaca

About 40 NewSchool of Architecture and Design students, most of them undergraduate students in the architecture program, went to Lake Cuyamaca Oct. 27 to build a temporary structure as part of their mid-term project. The students first developed a concept to create a 64 square-foot shelter of cardboard, wood, canvas and piping. Then they went to the Lake Cuyamaca area in San Diego County 5with their five studio instructors and the material that they used to build the shelter. It took them about half an hour to develop  the structure. The site location was chosen in order to give students experience in understanding how structures they develop interact with different environmental situations, such as climate, fire damage aftermath and the natural environment. Working under a tight deadline of 48 hours, the project also challenged students’ understanding of materiality and system integration while engaging their organization, leadership and critical thinking skills.

This was a great event and we are sorry that we do not have any videos about it. This is why one of the students proposed using surveillance drones to tape the whole event next time. They can be easily found online and we already ordered some for the next time!

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